Gamers Without Borders sees a huge 20,000 people register for three gaming development training programs organized by MCIT

MCIT closed registration to its Gamers Without Borders Academy partnership with 20,000 registrants, all of whom will enjoy three free training programs targeted at advancing the game development and wider digital industry know-how of developers, gamers, investors, and entrepreneurs. The Academy initiatives will be hosted by renowned industry experts, who together will deliver unrivaled training programs and valuable market insight.
The Academy’s Make it or Play It training program will start today for those who are registered and is open exclusively for Saudi nationals and residents in the Kingdom aged 12-17. The program will work on participants’ developing and programming abilities. It will seek to instill in its students the value of game development as a key and respected profession in the 21st century.
Following that, the course’s E-gaming training program will kick-off on May 10th, aiming to teach game developers how to implement and use the most updated tools and technology available in their work, with a customized program orchestrated by the Saudi Digital Academy.
A Hackathon will hope to teach game developers how to implement and use the most updated tools and technology available to them, and having started on May 5th will be covering three pillars across wellness, E-gaming, and tailored training dependent on ability and entertainment.

About Gamers Without Borders

Gamers Without Borders is a series of unrivalled online esports elite and mass tournaments connecting and uniting the world of gaming in the fight against Covid-19. In an unprecedented worldwide event, gamers will compete for a $10 million prize pool, all of which will be donated by the winning players and their teams to charities and organizations. Additionally, all sponsorship revenues will also be donated to the same list.
Taking place between April 24th and June 7th, the event invites the world’s best esports athletes to compete across major gaming titles broadcasted live to a global audience. Other weekly mass tournaments are open to gamers across the world for a chance to qualify to play among the elite, in addition to mini tournaments and one-off games throughout the seven-week period.


The Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS) is the regulating body in charge of nurturing elite gaming athletes and developing the gaming community and industry in Saudi Arabia. Its goal is for Saudis to be among the most accomplished gamers around the world and for Saudi Arabia to be a global gaming hub.
Since its establishment in late 2017, the federation has organized multiple world-class national and international tournaments, attracted large-scale investment from local private sector actors, and worked with international developers on opportunities in the Saudi market.
For more information, visit SAFEIS website:

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